Quantitative Studies

To ensure quality and reliable information, we collect data using our own network of trained surveyors and supervisors. All our processes are supervised.

Depth and Variety of Methods

Face to Face Surveys

We carry out fieldwork on a national level. We select interviewers who come from each region or district, enabling the data collection team to gain a better knowledge of the area, as well as the language, customs and idiosyncrasy of the area. Field coordinators are transferred from Lima and are responsible for training and supervising the project team, which guarantees greater field control. Surveys are monitored at 30% to 40% of field production.

Telephone Surveys

In addition, we offer the CATI methodology, from the definition of the objectives, the definition of the target public, to conducting the survey, the application of telephone surveys using a random number system. Interviews are recorded in digital audio including the authorization of the interviewee to conduct the interview. Surveys are typically supervised at 30% to 40% of the total field work output.

Encuestas Online

We have online platforms for conducting surveys. Depending on the type of requirement we develop from anything from simple questionnaires to those of greater complexity. Our on-line tool allows us to create different types of surveys, being very versatile its elaboration and at the same time allows the respondents to easily answer the survey. The design of the survey has practically no limits, at the same time online surveys allows real time progress monitoring and optimize times.

Mobile Device Surveys

The media we use to reach our target markets has changed and evolved, in that sense today we collect information from our target group through the use of mobile devices with the same efficiency and quality as traditional methods. We can even test audiovisual materials, including a pre-test or post-test advertising using mobile devices.


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